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Human Mind Makes Heaven And Hell – Swami Chidananda Saraswati

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Swami Chidananda Saraswati Maharaj Divine Life SocietySwami Chidananda Maharaj Says, Whatever you are, you cannot run away from yourself. If you think that family bondage is a great obstacle for living a life of Nivritti, you can shake off family. You can run away from your home or city. All right. You can become an Avadhoota (naked Sadhu). You can take off pant and coat, and wear only a Kaupeena. If you think that the company of men is not congenial, you can renounce their company. In fact, many people come here on account of bad company obtaining in the towns, but here also they complain of bad company. If you do not want to prepare roti, you have to stand before someone who prepares roti.

All right, you go away from family, from things and from company of people, but the peculiar thing is that you cannot run away from yourself, and what does it mean? You have to take your tongue, you have to take all the senses with you, and together
with your senses you have to take the habits to which the senses are slaves. If you are a tobacco addict, then you will feel the tobacco call even if you go to Uttarkashi and thus you take all the senses with you. You take all your habits and idiosyncrasies wherever you go and you take your mind with you, With its Raga-Dvesha, love and hatred.

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